Proven success to help lower A1C levels for patients with diabetes

It’s a simple number derived from a simple blood test, but a high A1C can make life complicated. The A1C reveals one’s average blood sugar level over the past three months. For those living with diabetes, reaching and maintaining a healthy A1C goal is key to preventing diabetic complications.1

As part of our SafeGuardRx® for Cigna program, Cigna provides one-on-one drug adherence counseling and support that’s proven to help lower A1C levels. When engaging with a Cigna coach through this program, 63% of those with an A1C level of 8 or above were able to lower their A1C levels to a goal of less than 8.1,2

As part of the SafeGuardRx for Cigna program, we offer proactive outreach.
Cigna sends a quarterly mailing to all customers with diabetes. We share the latest tips and tricks for managing medication adherence and provide customers direct access to a Cigna clinical pharmacist, also called a “coach.” These pharmacists are specially trained in Diabetes Management through the American Society of Health System Pharmacists® (ASHP). They provide critical guidance and support to customers to help them navigate complex medication regimens, as well as address basic questions.

Topics a coach specializing in diabetes may discuss with a customer include:

  • Current medication review
  • A1C patterns and monitoring
  • Possible  drug interactions
  • Management of side effects
  • Methods to  control blood sugar
  • Barriers to medication adherence
  • Disease-related concerns
  • Benefit coverage

Coaches help customers understand how taking medications as prescribed can control blood glucose to lower their A1C and improve outcomes. They have access to a customers’ medication and medical history and can even connect them to additional Cigna condition coaching or behavioral health resources.

Customers have unlimited access to coaches to help them work through medication issues.  Coaches are directly available 8AM – 8PM EST Monday through Friday with limited to no wait times, and customers are able to work with the same coach for repeated encounters.

“There is huge value in customers being able to pick-up the phone and directly connect with a highly trained coach,” explained Margaux Currie, Director of Clinical Pharmacy Programs for Cigna. “It’s like picking-up the phone to call a friend – you are directly connected without the automated system. And these coaches are here to help – they can guide customers through highly complex medication regimes and also just answer basic questions.”

Examples of the types of questions customers may ask include:

  • Are there lower cost alternatives?
  • Are there side effects?
  • How exactly do I take this medication again?

“Sometimes it’s the ability to ask the simplest questions that can make a huge difference. We are very excited about this program, and the program’s results to effectively lower A1C levels prove its value,” added Currie.

Thanks to programs like SafeguardRx for Cigna, we’ve also observed better overall results for our customers with diabetes who have integrated Cigna medical and pharmacy benefits

  • 14% fewer emergency room visits - Our evidence-based analytics continuously scan our real-time pharmacy, lab, medical, and behavioral claims data. We identify gaps in care, reach out to our customers and notify their health care provider(s).3
  • 13% higher engagement in case management – With a view across their integrated benefits, we can connect customers to behavioral health support or Cigna case management they may need.3
  • Savings to client health plan spend of nearly $3K per patient each year - Through Cigna integrated benefits, we are able to thoroughly and effectively help customers to manage the various aspects of diabetes.3

SafeGuardRx for Cigna is automatically offered for all commercial clients. There is no action or additional cost required from clients or customers to launch the SafeGuardRx for Cigna program. The proactive coaching aspect of this program applies not just for customers living with diabetes, but also those with pulmonary, cardiovascular, migraine, or epilepsy conditions.

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  2. Cigna National Book of Business analysis of SafeGuardRx for Cigna medication adherence outreach. Q3 2020.
  3. Cigna Book of Business study of medical customers with integrated medical, pharmacy and total behavioral health vs. those with Cigna medical and carved-out pharmacy. Individual results will vary; not guaranteed. Average annual per member per year (PMPY) and per patient per year (PMPY). Full Year 2020.

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