Strong reporting guides client decision-making, success

Information drives decisions. We understand that more complete data allows for more thoughtful decision-making. As an example, for a patient battling cancer, treatments can come from various places. Some of these treatments take place in a health care center, so coverage applies from the medical benefit. Others, like oral medications, may come from an in-network pharmacy, so the pharmacy benefit would apply. All the while, many interactions take place between the patient, their health care providers and Cigna. This creates a steady stream of data points that pour into a swirling stew of information. It’s our responsibility to capture it all. Then we boil it down to digestible reports to share with our clients.

Our reports reveal a picture of a company’s overall health plan and associated costs.
For clients with large employee populations, our Consultative Analytical Platform (CAP) reporting package is available. For smaller groups, like Select and Payer, a more targeted reporting package is available. Both types of reporting have the same goal: to make it easier for the client to manage their health plan by giving them the data they need to make decisions.

The more insight we have into how employees and covered dependents use their health plan, the better we can help clients make the right investments to minimize total cost of care. This all comes together to help improve the health of a client’s employee population and the strength of their overall plan.

CAP reports enable strategic client decision-making by focusing on these topics:

  • Health and wellness – Demonstrates whether or not employees actively engage in their health and use available preventive care services.
  • Performance indicators – Details client spending and shows how performance compares with similar companies.
  • Key utilization data – Helps determine if the client’s current programs help improve employee health, productivity and morale.

One reporting package details metrics from all lines of business – medical, pharmacy and dental
Cigna client reporting gleans insights from our wealth of integrated benefits knowledge. This is all an important part of our value proposition. Clients can expect to receive a streamlined reporting package that shines a spotlight on all of the products they have with Cigna. This includes details on drug utilization amongst their plan population as well as cost trends and forecasts.

Clients need to understand how their members use their health plan benefits. Medication use is a key point of interest, for example. We respond with thorough reporting that’s superior from standalone benefit reporting. We can show them all the spending happening on the medical side of their plan in tandem with pharmacy spend.

We can also provide a detailed pharmacy report package. Minimally, this will include an executive summary, top classes and drugs by spend and volume, specialty pharmacy summary, and utilization statistics at a class and drug level. Account teams can also elect optional additional reports on a range of topics. One such topic is, “Top Drugs by Spend.” This would show a list of their top 20 drugs, by spend, with details on condition, plan spend unique members and number of prescriptions written. Another example of an optional pharmacy report topic is, “Key Findings.” This report would include a summary of key pharmacy indicators, including total spend and trend, spend between specialty and non-specialty, utilization, generic dispensing rate, and the top 10 drug classes for the plan.

The frequency of meetings to review reporting details is specific to each client.
Client meetings to review reporting details typically take place annually, but can occur quarterly. This varies based on the needs of each client. Cigna subject matter experts participate as needed to ensure representation for all of the products in the client’s benefits plan. Each individual brings a distinct voice to the table to share their knowledge and perspective.

Additionally, through our reporting scheduler, we can set clients up to receive a standard suite of monthly financial and pharmacy utilization reports, which we make accessible through our client website.

For more information on reporting capabilities, contact your Cigna representative.

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