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Cigna 90 NowSM adds more pharmacies for 90-day fills

Pharmacy choice and convenience are fundamental to Cigna 90 Now – a program that helps make it easier for customers to get 90-day prescription fills of maintenance medications. The program includes thousands of retail pharmacies, such as recently expanded grocery chain options.

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Shingles vaccine coverage helps customers prepare for prevention

The itchy memories of a bout with chicken pox will fade, but the virus that causes it lingers on. Later in life, that same virus can manifest again as shingles. Fortunately, there’s a highly effective vaccine available and it’s covered by Cigna pharmacy plans.

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The right site of care can equal savings plus convenience

Many specialty medications must be injected or infused. And many care settings are eager to perform the necessary task. However, costs can vary widely. Cigna's Specialty Care Options (SCO) ensures a thorough site of care review. Meanwhile, SCO Plus applies specifically to certain oncology treatments, and can effectively redirect a customer to a safe, clinically appropriate and affordable site of care.

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Precision support for 15 diverse conditions – including HIV

Around-the-clock support for specialty conditions is not just nice to have, it’s necessary. The Accredo Therapeutic Resource Center® (TRC) model is always ready to offer essential support and guidance for those taking life-changing and life-saving specialty medications to treat complex conditions. And these TRCs are available for all Cigna customers who receive specialty medications through Accredo®, Cigna's specialty pharmacy.

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Cigna pharmacy January 2022 clinical update

At Cigna, plan affordability is always top of mind. Our latest comprehensive drug review and actions span across medical and pharmacy drug utilization to help promote appropriate and cost-effective medication use and expanded choice.

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Pharmacy medication recall readiness

When medication recalls, withdrawals and safety alerts happen, Cigna Pharmacy quickly communicates the latest details. We assess the situation, identify any impacts and determine necessary next steps. Please review this summary of notable recent recalls.

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COVID-19 vaccines spread hope as Cigna helps spread the word

Cigna welcomes and encourages the use of available COVID-19 vaccines authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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Cigna pharmacists help enrich collaborative care

Cigna Collaborative CareTM (CCC) is one of Cigna’s overall efforts to encourage value-driven care. For customers that have integrated medical and pharmacy benefits with Cigna, our clinical pharmacists play the important role of helping to improve medication adherence and close evidence-based clinical gaps in care.

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My Medications empowers customers to manage meds with ease

My Medications is a brand new digital tool available for Cigna customers as of June 2021. Like a virtual medicine cabinet, it opens the door to track and manage prescription medications conveniently from anywhere. To access My Medications, customers simply log in to the myCigna® App or website. From there, they see a current, full view of their prescriptions – available 24/7.

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Cigna’s medical specialty drug management update

Medical specialty drugs must be administered in a health care setting and are, thus, covered under the medical benefit. They comprise about half of all specialty drugs and make up about 23% of total health care spend.1 As part of our efforts to help manage these costs, effective July 2021, medical specialty drug program enhancements will occur.

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Cigna continues efforts to lower prescription drug costs by promoting biosimilars

Innovative Shared Savings Program offers eligible Remicade patients $500 one-time incentive for switching to a clinically equivalent biosimilar.

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eviCore helps bring treatment clarity for customers facing cancer

In 2021, there will be an estimated 1.9 million new cancer cases diagnosed and 608,570 cancer deaths in the United States.1 While new drugs and therapies bring fresh hope for those with a cancer diagnosis, they also mean a growing sea of decisions for customers and health care providers to make. Contributing an extra dose of expertise to assist this process, eviCore helps confirm the best course of care.

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Unlocking the potential of biosimilars

Biologic medicines have transformed treatment for many complex and debilitating conditions, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis, but the health care system cannot continue to sustain the current rate of specialty drug spend increases. The good news is that biosimilar products offer savings opportunities to help mitigate the growing and costly biologic specialty drug market through competition. 

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Cigna’s drug pipeline review

The U.S. drug pipeline is not just an indication of future life-changing and saving medications, but it’s also an indication of future health care costs. Cigna always has a pulse on the latest updates to the drug pipeline, as well as impending patent expirations. Take a look at our drug pipeline review that includes traditional and specialty pipeline news.

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Fighting the substance abuse trend with Cigna integrated benefits

The trauma of life events can trigger dangerous choices. Unfortunately, the added anxieties of pandemic life have led many to up their intake of alcohol or other unhealthy substances. At Cigna, the advantages of having health care benefits integrated under one roof is in having a connected, clear picture of an individual’s health from which to identify potential risk factors and intervene, when possible. This is key for those with already fragile health, for whom the choice to engage in substance abuse could be of grave consequence.

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Preventive Medication Program offers employers more choice and members greater adherence opportunities

Non-adherence to prescribed treatment is thought to cause at least 100,000 preventable deaths and $100 billion in preventable medical costs per year. Cost is a common concern. Cigna's Preventive Medication Program can help. Clients who elect this program can choose to waive customer’s deductible and/or cost share on program medications, eliminating cost as a medication adherence issue.

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Strong Utilization Management checkpoints help improve outcomes and save

At Cigna, we maintain a detailed path of utilization management (UM) checkpoints that we apply to all medication claims, especially those for specialty medications, to help customers receive safe, cost-effective treatments.

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Guiding to the ideal sites of care for medical specialty pharmacy

Choosing where to receive treatment with a medical specialty drug will have impacts on multiple levels. These complex drugs are often injected or infused by a health care professional. The setting where this takes place should offer high quality service. It should be within reasonable proximity to the customer’s home. Final costs also shouldn’t be double or even triple those of rival care settings. That’s where Cigna's Specialty Care Options program focuses its efforts.

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Cigna’s Patient Assurance ProgramSM expands, making more meds more affordable

As of April 1, 2021, our Patient Assurance Program (PAP) will expand coverage for eligible customers to include additional branded diabetes medications based on the formulary elected by the employer.

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Proven success to help lower A1C levels for patients with diabetes

As part of our SafeGuardRx® for Cigna program, Cigna provides one-on-one drug adherence counseling and support that’s proven to help lower A1C levels. When engaging with a Cigna coach through this program, 63% of those with an A1C level of 8 or above were able to lower their A1C levels to a goal of less than 8.

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Cigna helps broaden access to life-changing gene therapies

When it comes to treating diseases, gene therapy may deliver truly transformational results. Gene therapy also holds promise to treat a wide range of diseases, such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, heart disease and hemophilia – conditions caused by a dysfunctional or mutated gene. Gene therapies target the underlying cause of a disease at the cellular level by either replacing a faulty gene with a healthy copy of the gene or by adding a new or modified gene. This is often accomplished with a single treatment. Our Cigna Gene Therapy Program contracts with providers who have access to gene therapy products. We strive to manage quality and control costs for the emerging realm of gene therapy.

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Cigna provider contracting and steerage helps manage specialty spend

For those who need specialty medications to treat a complex, chronic condition, the right care facility can help keep costs down and health outcomes positive. Cigna works to control costs in a variety of ways including provider contracting.

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Managing Specialty Medication Costs with Cigna Integrated Benefits

At Cigna, we know managing specialty pharmacy costs goes well beyond just the unit cost of a drug. From site of care, specialists, hospitalizations, comorbidities, and mental health conditions, supporting our members and clients holistically is critical to help ensure the best health outcomes and lowest total medical costs.

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