Integrated benefits lead to better savings, outcomes, and productivity for musculoskeletal conditions

More than 1 in 2 adults are living with a musculoskeletal (MSK) condition that affects their joints, bones, muscles, or spine. Dr. David Mino, Cigna's National Medical Director of Orthopedic Surgery and Spinal Disorders, speaks with Michelle Vancura about how our integrated approach to MSK management gets our members access to better care, while saving our clients more, $478 per member per year, than those who carve-out their pharmacy benefit.

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Saving clients $3K PMPY through integrated management of diabetes

Listen to Michelle Vancura, Senior Vice President of Cigna Pharmacy, as she speaks with Dr. Shane LeBeau, ABIM certified Endocrinologist and Medical Principal, and Shawna Dodds, Managing Director of Comprehensive Diabetes Management Solutions about how Cigna's integrated benefits better manage costs and drive more meaningful engagement and timely intervention for customers with diabetes.

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Integrated Oncology Cost Management Savings

Hear from Dr. Bhuvana Sagar, Cigna's Oncology expert, as she explains how Cigna's unique, integrated approach to oncology management saves clients almost $7K in total medical costs, while improving care for our customers.

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Cigna Pharmacy Thought Leadership Episode 4: Insights on Resilience

In this episode, Cigna Pharmacy Vice President Melinda Anderson talks with Senior Medical Director Dr. Stuart Lustig about a recent study on resilience, our ability to bounce back from challenges.

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Cigna’s Integrated Approach to Managing Oncology Cost and Care

Cigna’s integrated approach to oncology management helps to drive down total healthcare costs, while engaging members in a personalized and supportive experience through treatment, and beyond.

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The Proven Value of Integrated Specialty Management

Hear about the rising costs of specialty drugs and how Cigna's integrated benefits is helping to drive better outcomes and lower total healthcare costs for our integrated clients.

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Managing Specialty Medication Costs with Cigna Integrated Benefits

At Cigna, we know managing specialty pharmacy costs goes well beyond just the unit cost of a drug. From site of care, specialists, hospitalizations, comorbidities, and mental health conditions, supporting our members and clients holistically is critical to help ensure the best health outcomes and lowest total medical costs.

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2020 Value of Integration Results Overview

Our 5th annual Value of Integration Study shows significantly more savings and engagement when compared to those who buy benefits from separate carriers.

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Cigna Value of Integration

For the fifth year in a row, our Value of Integration study proves that when benefits are built to work together as one, we can better engage our customers to take control of their health, while driving savings and ease for our clients and customers.

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Cigna Pharmacy Thought Leadership Episode 3: Embarc Benefit Protection

In this episode, Jeff Rook, Embarc Benefit Protection product lead, explains what the program is, why gene therapy is a growing area of concern for employers, and how this solution is delivered to help those who need it most.

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Cigna Pharmacy Thought Leadership Episode 2: Latest in Performance Guarantees

In this episode, Margaux Currie, Clinical Pharmacy Product Director, introduces Cigna’s new Pharmacy Clinical Performance Guarantees (PGs) and how we are continuously working to drive value for our clients.

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Cigna Pharmacy Thought Leadership Episode 1: Interview with President of Cigna Pharmacy

In our first episode, Matt Totterdale, President of Cigna Pharmacy Management talks with Kevin Buron, Vice President of Producer Business Development about his background, joining the Cigna team from Express Scripts, as well as what’s ahead for Cigna Integrated Pharmacy. Listen and get Matt’s take on leveraging the best of Cigna and Express Scripts without carving out and how Cigna's innovation is helping our clients and customers.

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