My Medications empowers customers to manage meds with ease

My Medications is a brand new digital tool available for Cigna customers as of June 2021. Like a virtual medicine cabinet, it opens the door to track and manage prescription medications conveniently from anywhere. Digital capabilities like this, and the flexibility they allow, are more important now than ever before.

To access My Medications, customers simply log in to the myCigna® App or website. From there, they see a current, full view of their prescriptions – available 24/7.

From the My Medications page, customers can:

  • View any prescriptions they filled within the last 18 months.
  • Review their medications with their doctor during an office visit.
  • Move their prescription from a retail pharmacy to home delivery with the click of a button.
  • For retail pharmacy fills: View where and when they last filled their medications.
  • For home delivery fills: Get real-time order status and tracking, sign up for automatic refills, pay bills online, sign up for a payment plan, and more.
  • For specialty medications: Easily connect to their online Accredo® account to manage orders.

By putting all of these capabilities in one place, customers have more control to monitor their medication and health information, helping to make it easier to manage one’s condition. My Medications also enables customers to easily track their minor child’s prescriptions. 

“My Medications was a collaborative build by Cigna and Express Scripts teams,” said Peggy Banaszek, the myCigna Pharmacy Experience Product Manager. “It helps deliver what consumers and clients want the most: a simple health care experience that is predictable and easy to use.”

At Cigna, our approach to care considers the whole person. Our 2020 Value of Integration Study worked to compare integrated Cigna Medical, Pharmacy, and Total Behavioral Health vs. coordinated benefits where Cigna Medical is bundled with an outside pharmacy benefit manager. Results showed that Cigna customers are highly engaged, supported, and proactive in their care.1, 2 The new My Medications feature is just one example of a tool that customers can use to help be even more engaged and successful in managing their health.

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  1. Cigna 2020 Book of Business study of medical customers with integrated medical, pharmacy and total behavioral health vs. those with Cigna medical and carved out pharmacy. Publicly available report accessible at Individual results will vary; not guaranteed. Average annual per member per year (PMPY) and per patient per year (PPPY).
  2. Milliman did not validate the Cigna 2020 Integration Study, but reviewed the approach and methods used to conduct the study and found them to be reasonable and appropriate. Cigna used a published academic method and appropriate statistical tests and rigor. Milliman was engaged by Cigna to perform this review of Cigna analysis. Milliman did not conduct an independent analysis to verify any results. Milliman did not audit the data or the programming code used to conduct the study and does not guarantee any results. The data used for the Cigna study was Cigna’s own internal data.

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Not all plans offer home delivery and Accredo as covered pharmacy options. Customers should log in to the myCigna App or, or check their plan materials, to learn more about the pharmacies in their plan’s network.

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