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abicipar pegol / Allergan Neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD or wet AMD) Inhibits vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) that inhibits the growth of neovascular lesions, resolves retinal edema and improves vision in patients with chorioretinal vascular diseases Route of administration: Intravitreal injection
Benefit coverage: Medical, Specialty
Anticipated FDA decision: 7/9/2020
Estimated cost: $25,000 per year
donepezil transdermal system (Adlarity) / Corium Dementia of the Alzheimer's type Once-weekly transdermal patch formulation of donepezil (a cholinesterase inhibitor). Donepezil is the most commonly prescribed medication to treat the symptoms caused by Alzeimers Disease (AD). Currently, donepezil is only available in tablets administered once daily and the most common side effects are gastrointestinal. By delivering donepezil through the skin, Adlarity has the potential to reduce gastrointestinal side effects. Route of administration: Transdermal patch
Benefit coverage: Pharmacy
Anticipated FDA decision: 7/30/2020
filgotinib / Galapagos/Gilead Rheumatoid arthritis Janus-associated kinase (JAK)-1 inhibitor that will compete with other oral JAK inhibitors including Xeljanz/Xeljanz XR, Olumiant, and Rinvoq. Route of administration: Oral
Benefit coverage: Pharmacy, Specialty
Anticipated FDA decision: 8/19/2020
Estimated cost: $30,000 per year
insulin glargine (Semglee) / Mylan/Biocon Insulin for diabetes Another formulation of long-acting (once daily) insulin. Other insulin glargines available include Lantus, Basaglar and Toujeo.  Other long-acting insulin products include Levemir and Tresiba. Route of administration: Subcutaneous therapy
Benefit coverage: Pharmacy
Anticipated FDA decision: 6/2020
valoctocogene roxaparvovec / BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. Hemophilia A One-time gene therapy treatment designed to replace the missing gene that causes hemophilia A, thereby restoring normal blood clotting function and eliminating the need for lifelong factor replacement therapy.  Hemophila A affects about 16,000 Americans with 400 male births per year. Route of administration: IV injection
Benefit coverage: Medical, Specialty
Anticipated FDA decision: 8/21/2020
Estimated cost: $2-3M
Viaskin peanut / DBV Technologies Desensitization treatment of peanut allergy in pediatric patients aged four to 11 years Transdermal system that delivers small amounts of peanut protein to help desensitize patients to this protein to help avoid potentially life-threatening allergic reactions Route of administration: Transdermal patch
Benefit coverage: Pharmacy
Anticipated FDA decision: 8/5/2020
Global sales forecast in 2024: $615 million

Benefit coverage is based on currently available information and could change pending final FDA-approved prescribing information.

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